1 Maine.
2 Maicirctre (title of a French advocate).

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me «mee; unstressed mih», pronoun.
I and me mean the person speaking. Me is the objective case of I. »

She said “Give the dog to me. I like it and it likes me.”

[Old English ]
Usage it's I, it's me. The first of these is formal English, the second now established in good use on the informal conversational level. The objective case of the other personal pronouns after the forms of to be has less status, though many speakers do not avoid locutions like it's her, it was us, since the nominative sounds stilted.
marbled edges (in book manufacturing).
Me (no period),
Chemistry. methyl.
ME (no periods),
1. Maine (with postal Zip Code).
2. Also, ME. Middle English.
an abbreviation for the following:
1. marine engineer.
2. Master of Engineering.
3. mechanical engineer.
4. Methodist Episcopal.
5. Middle English.
6. mining engineer.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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